Jewelry by Heather LaFoon

Artist Statement

Heather LaFoon Champaign, IL.

Heather LaFoon is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska but now lives and works out of Champaign, IL. She has been a member of the Illinois Artisan Guild sinceHeather LaFoon Jewelry Artist November, 2010.

Heather primarily works in chain maille, using sterling silver, gold fill, enameled copper and most recently aluminum jump rings, to craft her chain maille jewelry pieces. Heather takes pride in purchasing coils of sterling silver wire to wind and cutting the jump rings herself. She especially enjoys this “start-to-finish” aspect of jewelry making, because it allows her take the raw materials and transform them into something both functional and beautiful.

In addition to her chain Maille pieces, Heather also continues to work with Swarovski crystals to craft bracelets and necklace charms. Some of her most popular items are these colorful and decorative pieces of jewelry.

Heather currently has jewelry pieces in two different galleries located in Urbana, and occupies retail space in Champaign. In 2009, she was a featured artist at the Andersonville Galleria in Chicago. Like many other artists, she also makes seasonal appearances at Art and Jewelry shows across the state.

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